Small business loans online -Get an easy small business loan online

Starting a business or even maintaining it over time is something extremely complicated. We know that a business or a company is a legal entity that has a particular and complex logistics, where not only the product or service is essential, but in itself the whole process that is carried out to obtain it and its financing, They play extremely important roles in deciding whether a business is efficient or not.

However, among the most complicated issues, you can face when setting up and maintaining a business is financing. Getting financing for a venture in many cases is a headache. All this is due to the fact that you must put the papers in an exhaustive way in the bank and then wait at least one month to know if your application was approved.

We know how complicated it is to get the first credits for SMEs. Therefore, in this post, we will talk about how to apply for a loan for your business online.

Getting a small business loan online has never been this easy

For those entrepreneurs of small and medium enterprises, the new credit market platform has arrived, aimed at all those Argentineans who are physical or legal persons and who have an account in online marketplaces or that issue electronic invoices of AFIP and you want to expand your horizons and invest in inventory or innovation for your business. All this can be achieved through our loan services to start your business that we offer in our web portal.

Small business loans online at are extremely flexible and adapted to your needs. We understand that loan application for entrepreneurship are usually very cumbersome and even more, for those older people who do not have a bank account, so we offer you a loan that does not need all these procedures. Thanks to our business credit, only one cell phone or computer connected to the internet and a bank account are required!

You can request loans of up to $ 500,000 pesos in just two clicks and with the possibility of paying it in comfortable installments that you will choose. These fees can be in 6, 9 and 12 months, weekly or biweekly, depending on the needs of your business. Currently, we are developing this loan system in Argentina and Mexico and, soon, we will have the same service in Brazil.

Benefits offered by our online loan

The benefits offered by our loan system are multiple, however, here are the most important:

• 100% online transaction: transactions with us are online and it will only take a click to make them, we respond almost immediately to all your requests and concerns. You can get a loan to your company immediately.

• You will obtain a secure credit: it does not matter if you have never acquired credit in a bank or if you do not have the necessary documentation, with us you only need to have sales in  online marketplaces or Increase Card or issue an electronic invoice of AFIP

• Comfortable installments to pay: the installments to pay you put, will be adapted to what you can produce and you will pay them once the investment has been completed. You can get a loan for your SME in 6, 9 and 12 months, in weekly or biweekly installments!

• You can receive the financing several times: our financing is not limiting, once you have finished one you can proceed to make another financing request without any problem.